Don’t-Ask Cakes with As-You-Were Syrup

1 Oct

Yeesh. Week three was a swing and a miss, to say the least. I had high hopes, but alas. There were no glitches in the preparation, and I

Tiny Pancake Discarded

hope to try this recipe again with some serious tweaks. I think I have isolated the problems area(s), and will table the idea until we have recovered from the horror of the first bite. As such, I will not be providing any further information as to what exactly I was attempting–doing so would interfere with the chore of scrubbing the incident from our brains forever. The picture of the boy says it all–his reaction was the kindest one in the room.

I will say this, however. If ever you whiff on cakes as I have today, move on quickly to something that can make the baked world seem right again, like, say, a giant pan of pumpkin bars like the one my wife produced late morning today. She’s a team player, coming in from the bullpen to clean up my mess admirably. The boy and I will be removing our pants and feasting on them in thanks.

And rest assured, The Griddler will rise again. If anything, I will emerge from this stronger, keener, steeled to the pitfalls inherent in a life of experimental batter. I will not waver. Like Babe Ruth calling his shot at Wrigley Field, I call it now–next Saturday will be epic. It has to be.

Pants: On times 2

Planning: For naught

Gathering: 15 minutes I’ll never get back

Execution: Easy, thankfully

Results: Thumbs down

Crossover Potential: Hog feed?

The cakes recipe:

  • Dreck
  1. Ugh
And the syrup recipe:
  • Bleck
  1. Humph

Note: Yuck


2 Responses to “Don’t-Ask Cakes with As-You-Were Syrup”

  1. Amber October 1, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    oh dear… they weren’t THAT bad! Oh wait… yep – they were. Sorry babe!

  2. madge October 1, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Must have been sensory issues for testers.

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