First bubble in the batter

13 Sep

You’re here. I’m here. We’ve got cakes. Let’s chat.

September 17th marks Day One in my yearlong quest to enliven, challenge, and ultimately master my hitherto limited pancake repertoire. And it’s all for my son, who will one day inherit my accumulated flapjack fortune. I’m in planning mode now, culling ideas and circling many dates ripe for thematic undertones regarding the cakes I choose. A little much? Yep. That’s how I roll.

Anyway, it is unlikely that anyone reading this cares even close to as much as I do about pancakes. But hopefully you find something to take away from our little spot on this worldwide cyber griddle.


One Response to “First bubble in the batter”

  1. ajguzzaldo October 15, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    Brilliant idea, sir. I only this week discovered The Griddler and I am proud to come out of the nerd closet and confess that yours is not the only food blog I follow (Peter Reinhart has a great one on pizza). Yours, I suspect, will be the most fun to read.

    Happy griddling!

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